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Modular Bike, Surf, Skate & Snow Shop.


Modular Bike, Surf, Skate & Snow Shop - An Assembly square add on.

I recently purchased the Assembly Square and love it however I felt it needed something to finish off the end.

Three sides of Assembly Square look nice and complete but the final end seemed to me to be lacking slightly so I wanted to create my own version of the towered end.

And here it is!!

I am a keen mountainbiker so decided that a bike shop would be a perfect addition to my own little town

As you can see, the main bulk of the exterior of the building is very much based on Assembly Square but mirrored.

I have changed the colours of the tiles to give it a darker (slightly gothic) look as well as the addition of some stonework bricks to create a bit of texture.

The 3 floors are as follows:

Ground Floor - Bike Shop


  • Tool wall
  • Bike work-stand
  • Bike window display
  • Helmet window display
  • Handlebars on wall
  • Counter top with til
  • 3 x Bikes outside
  • Rear door leading to bin
  • Large Bay-windows & matching front door
  • Bike mechanic Minifigure
  • Skater child with broken board Minifigure

There are steps inside leading to a balcony and the external steps which take you to:

1st Floor - Extreme Sports Shop


  • Surfboard display
  • Skateboard stand
  • Helmet/goggle display
  • Snowboard display
  • Ski stand
  • Counter top with til
  • Ghetto blaster stereo on floor
  • Cool counter assistant Minifigure

There are steps outside leading to the:

2nd Floor - Apartment


  • Living area
  • Working sofa bed
  • Lamp
  • Plant pot
  • Wall pictures
  • Matching TV Stand, Coffee Table, Sideboard
  • TV
  • Ghetto blaster stereo on wall
  • Kitchen area
  • Bathroom/Wetroom with shower, toilet & sink

The roof of the building matches/mirrors the Assembly Square roof so they sit perfectly together.

The main building sits on a 16 x 32 stud plate with (2 x) 8 x 16 plates on the end to allow for the pavement and bike stand outside.

The size is fairly compact compared to the standar modular buildings and although it has been designed with Assembly Square in mind, it will happily fit with any of the other Modular buildings albeit only on 1 side.

And that is it. I hope you like my design. This is the first I have submitted to the site and would welcome any feedback or constructive criticism.

Thanks for looking.


*There may be some slight colour/part variations between the LDD Pictures & the completed build as some of the parts were not available.

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