Product Idea

Untitled Goose Game

This set is a model of the highly popular game, called the Untitled Goose Game.
The Untitled Goose Game is a fun and devious game where you are playing the goose, and you have to disrupt a whole town!
The model includes:
  1.  Goose
  2.  Gardener
  3.  well for dropping innocent people's things in
  4. A golden bell
  5. An ice holder
  6. A shed
  7. 4 patches with pumpkins and cabbage
  8. A square flower holder
  9. A door with the gardener's key in it (spoiler, you need to steal it)
  10. A picnic with foods and a basket
  11. A water tank
  12. A desk
I built this model because the game itself has a lot of cute little elements, for example, a jam jar, or a little golden bell, and I thought that would be really fun in Lego form.

This model would make an excellent Lego set because it is a great small and detailed display piece, and you can play the game in Lego form!