Exo-Force- Titan class: Delta Leader

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Before anymore pictures, I feel it might be better to give you a little bit of a backstory:
It's been a few decades since team Exo-Force defeated the Golden One and his minions. Since then, there has been peace in the lands, which happen to also be very modernized now. Lego City is flourishing....that is, until one of its citizens stumbles upon the remains of a robot and accidentally activates it. Next thing the city knows, the robots are back, and they're mad! Within days they created new exo-suits, using new technologies that they found in our world. What was Lego City to do? They had to fight back...but how? There was only one choice, they needed to make their own exo-suits, and take out the menace.
That's the story. Now it's up to you to decide how it ends!

Back/angle view:
Unlike the original Exo-force (which were awesome), these are much more advanced. They use modern tactics and machinery to drive their suits. This first one happens to be a good guy. I'll have the first bad guy up next. As the name implies, this is a Titan class, which means he's ONE of the biggest suits up. For this build, I used a bunch of interesting techniques, especially when it came to the gun. His camo, if you look close enough, is randomized for "realness". I know this is in LDD, but I believe that he is stable when it comes to standing up. His legs are movable enough that you should be able to change the center of gravity lest the gun be to heavy.

Front view:
Here I moved the gun arm (which, by the way, the gun is removable and all that would be left is a hand with three fingers and a thumb...just like the other side), now you can see more of the main body section. I placed a lot of "random" detail on him to represent those "random" things you see on today's machinery. You can clearly see the cockpit, to the right of that is a special camera that has many functions to it (night vision, thermal, etc.), and an antenna with radar dish.

Front view with cockpit open:
Well...that's what it is, the cockpit open. Here you can easily see the figure inside. I did my best with the "shirt" options...I think it looks ok....What do you think?
Notice in the Title that he's called "Delta Leader", that's because, you guessed it, he's the leader of the "group". They don't let anybody pilot these things. And the especially don't leg just anybody to be the leader! So, as you can imagine, he's the best of the best.

Here I just wanted to show a view of the left side of the gun. It is a fully automatic heavy machine gun with two barrels. It has a double-drum magazine (detachable). You can see the "ammo" being fed into the gun. Along with an RIS bar on top. And yes, the ammo is GOLD!!!!
Sorry everyone there isn't a picture of its feet. They're not that interesting (compared to the rest of the project, that is) and I'm out of allowed pictures. :(
I hope everyone likes it. Next will be the first bad guy! And trust me, I'll think you'll like it!