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The Icarus - Planet of the Apes - C.S.R.V. (Command, Survey, and Return Vehicle)


“Blast off for adventure with the heroic crew of the Icarus starship! Travel at nearly the speed of light through the depths of outer space. Explore far-away solar systems and survey alien worlds.

Join Commander George Taylor leading the bold crew of the Icarus including, pilot MaryAnn Stewart, co-pilot Thomas Dodge, and Mission specialist John Landon.

After launching from Earth, the crew enters hyper-sleep for the long journey to another star. Before arrival, the onboard computer wakes up the crew who prepare the ship for the mission. Extend the vehicle’s main wings, fire the hybrid jet-rocket engines, and pilot the Icarus down to an alien world! Help the crew collect samples and specimens. Aim the TX-9 transmitter towards Earth to send back mission reports.

When the survey is complete, take off for orbit and return the crew to hyper-sleep for the long journey home.

Finally, land the Icarus and crew safely back on Earth!”


Hello and thank you for checking out my LEGO Ideas suggestion. I’m a welder, metal worker and sculptor. I’ve always enjoyed building things. As a kid born in the early 1970s I saw some pretty cool space vehicles in movies, television series, and subsequent toy play-sets over the years. One space vehicle I never saw on a toy store shelf as a kid was the Icarus from Planet of the Apes (1968). When I saw the original “Apes” movie as a kid I wanted to know more about this briefly-glimpsed interstellar starship. I was curious to learn more about its mission, configuration, and capabilities.  After crash-landing in a lake at the beginning of the film, we are only offered a partial view of the forward section of the ship before it sinks and slips beneath the water’s surface. Was it part of a larger vessel? Where was the bathroom? My LEGO Ideas Icarus model is inspired by this enigmatic, interstellar space vessel.

I believe fans of both science fiction and space exploration will enjoy playing with and displaying this model. Few models of the Icarus are available and nothing approaching a play-set that I’ve seen. I created this model with a desire to honor  the overall appearance of the original spaceship (what the movie audience is minimally afforded) within the available LEGO brick universe with a bit of artistic interpretation thrown in. I wanted to maintain interior features depicted in the original movie such as the mid-deck crew bridge, the aft glass-enclosed hyper-sleep chambers, and the forward “escape tunnel”.

Outside, the LEGO Ideas Icarus play-set measures almost 20” long and features vehicle ingress/egress hatches forward and aft, moveable wings, hybrid jet-rocket engines, atmospheric processor, a posable TX-9 radio transmitter, running lights, and NASA-inspired exterior vehicle markings.

Inside, the vessel features a 4-person bridge complete with rotating chairs, stylized computer consoles, a reel-to-reel computer bank, chronometers displaying “Earth Time” and “Astronaut Time”, a fire extinguisher, 4 hyper-sleep chambers, an auxiliary computer terminal aft, and an assortment of storage lockers. Handholds are strategically placed throughout the vehicle for zero-g operations and crew movement. The forward section features an “escape tunnel” and hatch that can also function as an airlock. It’s lined with storage lockers and drawers that can be used to hold mission-related items and emergency equipment.

The proposed set includes 4 minifigure astronauts: Commander Taylor, Pilot Stewart, Co-Pilot Dodge, and Mission Specialist Landon (with space helmets and alternate hairpieces and facial expressions). A pair of removable roof sections allows easy play access to the vehicle’s interior. Additional accessories include: emergency life raft (in both inflated and un-inflated version, a pair of oars, life vests (4), supply backpacks (4), air tanks (4), survival knife, radio, binoculars, camera, sextant, telescope, laser sidearm, laser rifle, prospector’s hammer, First-Aid kit, a variety of survey sample containers and a pocket-sized American flag.

The Icarus starship would make for a successful LEGO play-set for multiple reasons. I believe the scale, features, and interactivity of the model make it fun to play with. An additional factor is the consistent interest in the Planet of the Apes franchise over almost five decades since the original movie to the recent reboot. Themes of exploration, both scientific and social, are enduring in the Planet of the Apes universe. I spent several years building and refining this model. I hope you like it! Thought was given to deliver many options for playability within this unique LEGO Ideas project. I hope to have struck the right balance between paying due respect to the classic appearance, configuration and features inside and out of the original Icarus while also arriving at an attractive and perhaps more contemporary-looking space vehicle.

Thank you for checking out my LEGO Ideas suggestion of the Icarus starship from the Planet of the Apes. If you like this idea please show your support to help see it realized into an actual LEGO product!


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