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Spooky House


Welcome to the Spooky House, where all evil minifigures will once have passed through. The dark exterior and chains caught up in the lethally-bladed windmill will add atmosphere to any part of your LEGO city.

DOWNSTAIRS there is a sinister goblin behind a bar fingering a precious jewel, with rows of cabinets behind him. Who knows what dastardly secrets are contained within? 

ON THE 1ST FLOOR is an evil apartment for any wrongdoer needing a home - in this case the Spooky Girl (Minifigure Series 12) is more than dark enough to blend into the exterior. There is a bed, writing table and cleverly-constructed balcony for her to observe the festering crime waves below her.

THE WINDMILL is made using dagger pieces and has been caught up in a BIONICLE chain (At least, that's where I got this from.) The roof is quite simple but adds to the gloom of the whole building. The whole structure is open-backed for optimum playability and ease of displaying minifigures inside.

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