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King's Crown Carriage

This is a medieval king's official carriage shaped with a roof of the royal crown jewels. When the king travels around his kingdom the people are aware of his carriage due to his easily recognizable crown jewel carriage roof. The people are able to see the carriage from a great distance because of the height of the roof and the shining jewels flickering in the sunlight. The roof design above the carriage driver's seat looks like the face of a youthful king wearing his battle crown. The design of the carriage roof is based off the design of the royal crown the king wears. The king's carriage is always accompanied by a retinue of guards and knights to protect him and act as his entourage. The crown roof of the carriage can be removed to gain access to the inside of the carriage from the top. This would make for a great LEGO set to build as it looks impressive from a distance and close up and has some interesting and unique building techniques that have been used to make the roof in the shape of a royal crown.

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