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Animal Day Care


This set is an animal day care which has a room for pet animals such as cats and dogs. Outside the day care it is decorated with beautiful plants and flowers and it has a paw sign. Inside you can see the computer desk. Purchase any ribbons or decorating things for the pet using the money inside the drawer! Give the cat or dog a little bath in the bathtub with special shampoo to make them feel better. Then brush their fur sitting on the cozy chair, and feed them with fish or animal food from the table, so they will be satisfied!

This day care also has a beautiful green yard so the cat, dog or hedgehog can enjoy the nature along with the ball. The little splashing pool will be a nice entertainment for the turtle too.

I have built this set because it will be a different one for animals. It has lots of entertaining objects such as ribbons, coins and shampoo. This would be a nice LEGO set because children would learn to deal with animals and take care of them properly.