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Luxury SUV


Luxury Suv



This suv is inspired by the Lincoln Navigator Concept and the latest Land Rover Range Rover design language.


This model is intended to be a display collecting toy.

It’s not built minifig – scale, however it can host 4 minifigs and is ready to play with.


Exterior features:

  • Super – thin lights design;
  • Huge chromed grille (all the parts in gray are supposed to be chromed)
  • Side cameras instead of side mirrors;
  • Quad pipes exhaust system;
  • Hybrid V12 engine;
  • Fluorescent lights;


Interior features:

  • Four shuttle – style captain chairs;
  • All types of entertainment you can possibly imagine;
  • Fluorescent ambient light system;
  • Sound system on the roof;


Playability features:

  • Tilting suspension system with front steering wheels;
  • Full – length, gull – wing doors;
  • Opening tailgate;
  • Hidden sliding platforms;
  • Adjustable steering wheel and seats;


Pros and cons:

+          if your holiday base is on Mars, you definitely need this vehicle.

-           it can drive itself, it can park itself but it can’t do a decent coffee.


brick counter and difficulty:

833 bricks, medium building difficulty.



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