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Dr. Max and Ben's Laboratory

Oh NO! BIO has broken into Dr. Max and Ben's Laboratory in hopes of finding the map to lead him to the jewels! Will Danny and Tony escape with map that holds the locations of the 10 jewels of King XEL?
This is 1 of 11 sets I will put on lego Cuusoo. This set will include 8 minifigures ( I know it's a lot for a medium size set) and will be 412 bricks. The pictures shown above and below are flipped. The set's main colors are blue and green for the good guys and the red and black are the villains (who have rotating faces that are alien faces). This set will include an escape pod (though not shown inside will have a fire extinguisher, and a 1st aid kit), A weapons rack, and a vehicle.

Dr. Ben is shown with a spiked blue and green club fighting Punch-or (headgear and arms are similar to the series 5 boxer but are black) Dr. Ben left hand and right leg are similar to pirates. In the background are suits each dealing with wherever the environment is. The suits shown are a blue and green space suit (similar to the series 7 & 9 space suits), an underwater helmet and oxygen suit, and green and blue helmets and armor similar to the power miners. Also in the background is a computer and although it is not seen is a potions table and a microscope. Another thing that will be included is a small robot behind Punch-or. Also shown are a toolbox and some tools.

Dr. Max is seen trying to stop the leader (Bio) with a similar club (but colors are reversed) from shooting Danny (blonde) and Tony (black hair) with a grappling hook. In the background is a robot (similar to the series 6 robot) driving a small car with a rotating missile attacking an evil ninja.

The weapons ideal to this set are green and blue that is made up of nose cones, lightsaber handles, lightning bolts, shaft with cored knobs, blade, dorsal fins, ray gun, rock crystal, ice saw blades, flat 1x1 round tile, stick with knob and tube, 1x1 brick with 4 knobs.

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