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This is a set of my own themed world called LEGO SPACE MINERS.
The SPACE MINERS are a group of researchers and adventurers who end up in the far future on another planet. The planet they call CRYSTAL-CRUSH. For in the earth of the planet they find huge caves where crystals hanging from the ceiling as far as the eye can see. But they are not alone. Rock monster, Raven, guarding the crystals. In its vicinity the monsters get stronger forces and attack the researchers. They will come with their high-tech vehicles and enter the Raven contrary, before the planet implodes ...
The set is called the dual drill. He has two drilling heads forward, which can rotate a button on the rear part. A bullet on each side defends the vehicle and the researchers before the rock monsters. The cockpit roof can be opened in order to let two researchers take place. A research laboratory in the inside of the vehicle can be used as an inspection station for the rock samples and crystals. The monster has two long, very movable legs, a large head and a long tail, the end has a sting.
Included are the Dual-Drill, two researchers and the monster.


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