Product Idea

US Train


Iconic train rolling on the US railroad network.

BNSF (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway) is one of the largest railway undertakings and is also one of seven United States class 1 railways.

TTX is a carpooling company and is a major supplier of intermodal double-stack wells to the industry with a fleet of over 116,000 wells of capacity.




Diesel-electric locomotive GE Dash 9-44CW BNSF, motorisable with Power Functions (88002, 8884, 8879, 88000 ou 8878).

Articulated wagons of 3 DTTX intermodal double stacking units.

The design of the double stack car allows the railways to carry two intermodal containers stacked on top of one another.

Many double TTX stacks are articulated (sharing the wheels between the units of the car), reducing play and improving ride quality for fragile goods.

5 stackable containers with opening doors for the transport of goods by rail, sea and road.

Level crossing with tilting barriers and light signals on a desert road in the State of Arizona.


Number of pieces  with minifigs : 2586

Minifigs : 1

This model was built using LEGO digital designer.




Length: 128,3 cm
Width: 25,5 cm
Height: 19,5 cm


During the design of this project, I made sure that the purchase of 2 sets will make it possible to obtain an articulated wagon of 5 DTTX intermodal double stacking units.

I hope you enjoy my project and feel free to leave comments.