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Legend of Zelda: Water Temple


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This set depicts a challenge well known by Legend of Zelda fans. The Water Temple of Ocarina of Time. It has been called many names, such as "the Maze," "the Doom Pit," and even "the Wretched Fiend from the Infernal Pit." None of these names are exaggerations, seeing as this temple has been proven to be the hardest and most annoying temple in all of the Legend of Zelda. However, this fun Lego set is no where near as frustrating and disgusting as its video game counterpart.

The Water Temple is contains many features, including inside playability, many fun items, and familiar characters from the game. It contains two minifugures, Link and Shiek, a tektite, two spike balls, an Ocarina of Time, Hookshot, Longshot, Harp, Iron boots, and, of corse, the Water Temple itself. The set as a grand total of 270 pieces.

Link is wearing the Zora tunic in this set, giving him the blue colors rather than green. The print across his upper torso piece can be changed to more appropriately fit the actual appearance of Link. He could also have a new print on his face specially designed for him, but this face works well too.

Shiek is pretty much good, she shouldn't need much alteration aside from color. If any change would make her better, change is welcome.

Shieks harp in this set is not as great as I'd like it to be. If there is another piece that would fit better, please let me know.

The Tektite is larger than I want it to be, so sometime soon, I will have a smaller model posted in the updates. If there are any suggestions on how to do that, I'm welcome to them.

The Iron boots are just 1x1 plates that are a metallic silver color.

The Hookshot and Longshot are identical, aside from a slightly different coloring. The Longshot can fit inside the treasure chest that is hidden inside the water temple.

The Temple itself is probably the coolest part. As it is in the game, you cannot enter the temple without opening the door first. The barred door can be removed simply by pushing the bars in, disconnecting them from the rest of the temple. Once the doors are removed, the temple can swing open for inside playability. Inside the temple is a chest, which can hold the Longshot. There is also a hookshot/longshot target and a torch. On the exterior there are vines that hang from the ceiling. You can also play on top of the temple, where a tree grows and a warp platform is located.

If you have any suggestions, please post. Constructive criticism only please. Thank you for viewing this project. Please support!

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