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Family Cruise Boat

What is it? 

This family cruise ship can house five people and with its streamlined design, it's very easy on the eye.

Extra pieces


5 people

4 drinks

Four seats plus a driver's seat 

Four plates


Why would this be a good lego set?

This family cruise boat would be a great lego set because of its streamlined body make it easily swooshable and would be great for younger kids because it fits right into the LEGO City style of build. It has a little family of five and the boat consists of  4 beds ( 3 singles and a double), a seating area, a little kitchen, and a driver's box. it also has four little cans of drink and four little plates.

What can it do

Removable roof on the boat and driver’s box.

Removable bow (front of the boat) for easy access to two of the four beds.

Removable driver’s box.


Length 38cm

Width 6 1/2 cm

Height (with roof) 8 1/2 cm

Height (without roof) 6 1/2 cm

Height (drivers box) 6 1/2 cm

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