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British Railway's / Castle class Steam Locomotive

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This is another one of my own design of the steam locomotive, Castle class I've tried to reconstruct the locomotive as best as possible to my own standards of design. Like the other models I've built, the only thing that missing is the stickers for the name plates and the numbers plats, other than those she is a completed design.

I have now put a web link and username into my bio so you can now download my models when I have them up. one of my models is already on, the others are on there way. Just be aware that some of the bricks aren't sold in the colours that are on the models.

This is one of the pictures I used to design my model. You might note that my model is a little bit different to the picture that's because I tried to build the boiler, cab and pistons around my pre-made chassis I apologies for that.

This one model took me about (in total) 6 week to 8 weeks, completing the basic design and then added detail over the weeks. The brick count of the model is 602. The dimensions of the model are 55 studs long, 8 studs wide and 11 studs high. The functions of the model are functioning drive wheels and pistons, 2 pivot points at the cab and tender and the other at the leading wheels. Like my other models there is also the detailed cab and comes with its own driver to make the model look authentic when it's on layouts.

This is the cab of the train it's got the basic design right but dew to it size I can't add the pips

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