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Skylor Amber Dragon


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Great lover and fan of Lego Ninjago serie,, i've already got all the existing dragons and characters.

My motivation and willness is to create an additional Dragon, to come to fill a gap in this universe: a mount, a Dragon for Skylor Ninja, the Ninja Master of Amber.


My works has started on the basis of the small Cole's dragon (Lego Box 70599) which i personalized, customized, modified, developed, increased.. to create finaly this new yellow and Amber Dragon, for Skylor Ninja.

This is a great dragon, dressed with Amber and yellow suit, with large wings, with high amplitude and double articulation, equiped with weapons on the sides, a beautifull and large yellow head, a sharped and articulated tail. The Ninja is riding an impressive and majestic dragon.

So i really think this new dragon could easily suit and take place into the Ninjago series and increase attraction on Ninjago Lego universe.

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