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Medieval Architecture: Tower Square


Experience the spirit of European medieval town with the stranger in a cape, entering its central square!

Have a rest near the fountain, get in touch with a restorer on the scaffolding, visit the blacksmith’s shop, and finally discover the insides of the tower to find the legendary Blue Crystal hidden in the secret room. But beware of fury rats and spiders!

Set characteristics

  • Number of pieces: 2,940
  • Includes: tower, scaffolding, blacksmith’s shop, fountain, drain
  • Minifigures: stranger, restorer, blacksmith, mannequin in armor
  • Animals: hen, cat, rat, spider
  • Height of the tower: 78.4 cm (30.87")
  • Width of the tower: 20.8 cm (8.19")

High attention was paid to the details and playability to make the set highly valuable not only for architecture lovers, but also for casual LEGO fans!

Small blacksmith’s shop is full of interesting elements, such as a furnace, an anvil and a bucket. Near the shop there is a dray full of hay and a fountain, which has three levels of dropping water and four gold sculptures on the periphery.

The tower has four floors and an attic with joists between them, which are used by nasty creatures to move unnoticeably. The back part of the shelf on the second floor is moving along the wall, hiding a secret room with the Blue Cristal (pictures13-14). Near the tower there is separable scaffolding which forms 5 levels connected by stairs.

I would also like to thank mArUcTp for his great help! This is our second collaborative project. The first was the Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer from Star Wars, and it also needs your support, so if you missed it, use the link below:

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