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American Ninja Warrior


What you see in the pictures above are the Warped Wall and Salmon Ladder from the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. I chose these two obstacles since they're two of the most popular obstacles on the show. The Warped Wall features the button you press once you've completed it and a competitor who just finished. The Warped Wall is put in a split-second scene where the competitor is pressing the red button in victory. Lastly, for creativity, I added two air conditioners at the bottom.

The Salmon Ladder also comes with a competitor, and the ladder itself comes with three bars the competitor can climb. What I think is creative is that the first bars are at mini-figure height so that he has a good start.

Out of the two, my personal favorite would have to be the Warped Wall. It's my favorite because the angles look awesome out a side view.


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