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The Dark Knight Trilogy - Tumbler

I wasn't a huge Batman aficionado but I had seen all the movies up until 2005. All the Batmobile in those movies had fallen on my book as either in the 'ridiculous' category or the 'cool' category. For me all of them, the good ones and the bad ones, had a La La Land fantasy feel to them.

When Batman Begins came out in 2005 the new Batmobile, the Tumbler, felt real, felt awesome, and I couldn't fit it in any of the categories I had put the other ones, because,... well, in the words of 2005 Batman Begins Jim Gordon "I gotta get me one of those".

LEGO® has recreated the Tumbler in 2 separate sets:
- 7888 The Tumbler: Joker's Ice Cream Surprise
- 76001 The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase

When 7888 came out I really liked it, although I had a few issues with its size and scale, specially if you compare it with the Joker truck it came with.
I remember thinking how cool would it be if I could try to build something as awesome as it, but smaller. The problem was I hadn't build Lego's for 15years. My parents still had my old parts stored somewhere, but my parts were very, very, VERY dated.

By chance I came across Lego Digital Designer and, well,... wow! I mean WOW!!!
I started building on it slowly, on and off for a year, trying to get a Tumbler that retained the 7888 feel but in a more compact size.

From the start of this project I decided I wanted to be able to recreate the The Dark Knight Trilogy iconic Tumbler scenes, such as Batman trying to save Rachel Dawes, taking her to Alfred for the Scarecrow's scare gas antidote.

So I imposed myself the following restraints:
- Seat Batman with his cowl and mask
- Seat 2 minifigures
- The frontal windscreen should retract to the back
- Sturdy enough to withstand collisions (I can throw mine off a table without losing parts)
- Assemble a decent Batpod using nothing but parts from the Tumbler

On my 16th version I finally had a version I was happy with. Happy enough to order the parts to build it. So I went to an online Unofficial Lego Marketplace, I don't know if I can write the name here so I am not going to risk it, and added all the parts from the LDD parts list to an 'wanted list', but didn't order it because I thought I should add the camouflage parts in the next day so I could have black and camouflage versions.
The very next day I lost everything I had on my hard drive. I thoroughly backup everything important, but for some reason I neglected a project that took a year, of my very scarce free time, to develop. I became very angry and bitter Lego wise because of the sense of loss and I completely 'forgot' Lego's for a while.

Then 76001 came out. I really liked the set. The 'Bat' is great ( I would only change the blue color parts with black and the red and yellow with grey) and it came with a 'Tumbler' or as I see it a 'Missile Launcher Armored Buggy'. I don't think it lives up to the Tumbler name because:
- Front wheels (central axle instead of the Tumbler's trademarked dual sided axle)
- Back wheels (2 wheels instead of the 4)(might overlook this if the front was accurate)

Even though I have my problems with the set, I've bought it.

I decided to go back to the part list (I had from a 'wanted list' from the online Unofficial Lego Marketplace) and from it rebuild my version of Tumbler from memory.

While rebuilding (from version 17) up to the current version (21) I've made a couple of changes, and stole the idea of 2 things from the 'Missile Launcher Armored Buggy' Tumbler:
- The back jet thruster
- The spoilers (I was using wing plates instead of flags).

#Main picture: My Tumbler compared with the Tumbler from the LEGO® 76001 The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase Set (or Bruce showing off his new 2 seater Tumbler and Bane ruing not being able to bring a thug friend along with him)
#Floating on top: the 5main views from LDD snaps

When compared with the LEGO® 76001 Set Tumbler mine is:
+ 2/3 of brick (or 2plates) taller
= same width (and I seat 2 minifigures inside mine)
+ 1 1x1 brick longer

#Batpod - It's not stellar, but it is decent enough and it is build with nothing but Tumbler parts
Every Tumbler model should come with the instructions to build this Batpod
No need for extra parts.
If you follow the movie logic, when you have the Batpod, it's because your Tumbler is wrecked

I've seen amazing Tumbler projects, some of them far more accurate than mine, but those aren't as sturdy as mine (like I said before, I can throw mine off a table without losing parts or disassembling whatsoever). Other projects are sturdy enough for child play but are either less accurate or bigger than mine.

#Several Diferent Views (clockwise)
- Gordon scared of Batman's driving
- Back of Tumbler (stolen 76001 ideas: Light grey backThruster, black flag spoilers)
- Tumbler with open cockpit (Gordon still a little rattled...)
- Tumbler's side view with open cockpit
- Tumbler's side view

I think there could be made 2 sets from this tumbler:
(and if these sugestions sounds familiar, they are! BrentWaller's 'Batmobile Tumbler Minifig Scale' sugested some of the things I am sugesting, and someone should have listen to him, because I think it would have made great sets (in my opinion))

# I've gotta get me one of those!
- Tumbler - Black version
- Gotham City Police Department car (2 side by side seated)
- Jim Gordon (civilian clothes)
- Rachel Dawes
- Dr. Jonathan Crane + Scarecrow mask/head
- Batman (black edition like San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive)
- Alfred + antidote
- 2 Gotham City Police Department Officers
No Image here, it is basically everything I've shown you so far (except the GCPD car)

# Does it come in black?
- Tumbler - Camouflage version
- Extra-Parts kit to transform Tumbler into Heavy Tumbler (The Dark Knight Rises)
- Gun Turret (to atach to the Heavy Tumbler's rotating turret base)
- Missile Launcher (to atach to the Heavy Tumbler's rotating turret base)
- Drawers with:
---Grey 76001 Batman torso without Bat symbol (Spelunking suit)
---Black gloves/hands with the Memory cloth cape.
---Grey 76001 gun (too high tech for Gordon, looks more like a Batman's weapon)
- Bruce Wayne
- Lucius Fox

#Camouflage Tumbler (left) side by side with a Camouflage Heavy Tumbler (right) with Gun Turret assembled and Missile Launcher ready for assembly
(this set would only bring one Tumbler with the extra parts and instructions to change it into the Heavy version)

The following is a bit offtopic, but I think it's worth a mention:

I think LEGO® clearly seperates DC Universe™ Super Heroes in 2 different lines:
- Classic
- Cinematographic

All the Man of Steel, Dark Knight Trilogy (and maybe Arrow) sets should fall into the the latest line.

I am planning to create 2 more Dark Knight Trilogy projects and I believe that with these 2 other sets other than the ones I presented in this project you would have the entire trilogy covered:

# Replace the 76001 Launcher Armored Buggy' with the Bomb-truck into a new set
- Robin John Blake
- Selina Kyle / Catwoman
- Miranda Tate / Talia Al Ghul
- 3 Thugs

# Batpod + Joker Truck + GCPD Armoured truck
- Batman (black edition like San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive)
- 76001 Jim Gordon with SWAT helmet
- Harvey Dent regular head+ Two-Face head
- 2 GCPD SWAT officers
- Joker
- 3 Thugs

But - "what about Ra's Al Ghul?" - you might ask.
without some major set to recreate iconic Ra's scenes such as the 'Gotham Metro fight' or 'Wayne Mannor fire' the only other place I could insert him in is my "I've gotta get me one of those!" set. He was Crane's boss after all. So in "I've gotta get me one of those!" add:
- Ducard/Ra's Al Ghul
- 2 League of Shadows Ninjas

I hope you liked what you've seen enough to vote.
I really think The Dark Knight Trilogy hasn't seen enough love from LEGO®

Thank you for reading and sorry for long project post

happy constructions,


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