Product Idea

Snake's Lil' Bandit

A LEGO Recreation Of The Simpsons Snake's Lil' Bandit.
  • Openable doors
  •  Interior with back seats
  • Out engine
  • Rear wheels are more bigger like a dragster.
The Car
The car appears in the episode "Realty Bites" where homer buys it at a prison auction, Snake sees that Homer takes his car, the reason why it decides to go to recover it. After a fight between the two men on the street, the car ends up crashing into the house that Marge had sold to the Flanders when she worked at Lionel Hutz's real estate. The car is based in a 1968 Convertible Pontiac Firebird. 
I built it because is a great muscle car and the best car of The Simpsons, this can be a great LEGO Set of this car, He Needs Premium Gas!