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Life on the Farm


    In this project, I am capturing the rural life of many citizens. Though we may not realize it (especially if you live in the city), many people live on farms. Also, the LEGO company has excluded rural life from many of their sets, so I think it is about time to have a farm set. 


This set contains 635 pieces. It also contains 7 chickens, 4 horses, 4 minifigs, 1 tractor, 2 eggs, and a crop.


This set is perfect for playing with. Kids can bring up the natural struggles that farmers had and play them out with the set. The tool rack inside the barn should meet the needs of most plots.

-Why this is a good Set

Like I said before, there are few, if not any, rural-like lego sets out there. This set would give the general idea of life on the farm.


Few of my sets have been successful, so I hope this set will be a redemption! 

Thank you for viewing and please support! 

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