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The Adventurous Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40


Found my project's inspiration around town.


When you're driving around town and you find the same vehicle you submitted to LEGO Ideas, well, you just have to stop and take comparison pics.


What does it look like without a top? Well, here you go...

I received several requests to create a different version of this vehicle. The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 thrived itself on being highly modifiable. The LEGO version should be too. The key was to maintain the same dimensions for maximum playability just as the original. This is my first modification. 

I removed the back and roof and made it a "convertible". I also "improved" the grill to look more authentic. I wasn't fully pleased with the original design where the lights would stick out. It looks a lot "cleaner" and smoother now. 

Anyway, hope y'all like the modification(s).

I call it the California Vibe. Surf's up, fellas. ;)


How does it look next to the real deal? Well... here you go...

Although very popular in the past, most of the "newer" generation doesn't really remember this revolutionary vehicle even though you can find it pretty much in all the corners of the world.

So here are a pair of comparison photographs to give you an idea how close I came in matching the original product even in such a small scale.