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The Adventurous Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40


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LEGO and vehicles go hand in hand. There are few vehicles in our modern history that are easily recognizable or have proven as reliable that they appear in all corners of the world. One of those incredible machines is the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 built from 1960 until 1984. From the beaches of Australia and California to the jungles of the Amazon and Southeast Asia, The FJ40 has been a utilitarian's dream. As advertisement for this vehicle used to say, "This is not a car. It's a beautiful functinal 4-wheel drive machine. And that is beautiful".

My goal with this model is to make a realistic, LEGO inspired Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 that is also as fun to play with as it is to display as part of your Lego collection. I have chosen a "smaller" size than the more "realistic" looking sets in the Creator Expert Series in order to promote "playability". Although relatively small in size, I have managed to implement some of the most recognizable features of this vehicle such as the famous front headlights, the bench-style back seats and the spare tire. The true beauty of this vehicle, however, is that minifigures fit comfortably and don't look "out of place" as well as the possible addition of features using other existing LEGO products such as the roof rack I added in some of the pictures. The "basic" vehicle shown in my detailed pictures truly encourages creativity and a sense of adventure, much like the real life vehicle did in the past.

So I present you with my LEGO Idea: The Adventurous Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. I hope you see my idea and believe that it could be a product that you would have fun building as I did creating and playing with it as you will see in my pictures. 

Thank you!

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