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Film Architecture

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Update: new set pictured above: Gallifrey main building with mini Tardis. It has about 70 pieces.

Lego's architecture range consists of mini buildings with high amounts of detail. I have tried to recreate that amount of details in this "sub-theme". All the buildings are from popular films and I hope this is made, as they make great display pieces, and who doesn't want a mini Ecto-1?
Please support!

---Adam :)

This is Jabba's palace, one of my favorites of my miniature range. It consits of around 70 pieces and would probably cost around 9.99-12.99, but thats up to LEGO. It comes with a micro millenium falcon and overall I myself love the look of this piece. The black brick will be printed with the name as well.

Here is the Ghostbuster's HQ, with mini Ecto-1. It consists of around 200 pieces.

Here is Hogwarts castle. It comes with a mini version of Ron's flying car and a wizard hat on the stand. It consists of around 199 pieces and Is my overall favourite piece. It would look very nice on a desk with some minor improvements.

Here is a prototype of Helms deep with an orc siege wagon. It consits of around 130 peices and does need some improvements, but looks quite good.

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