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AT-DP and Speeder


This is a Lego AT-DP and speeder. It has two large feet that actually helps it stand.  It has a chin mounted cannon with a spring loaded shooter  on the bottom of it. It has three hatches for the two drivers. On the back, it can hold two spring loaded shots. The speeder can hold  the troopers' equipment pack and blaster. On the front of the speeder, it has one pole with a cone on the end and above the pole are the original  IG-88 legs. In the center of the speeder, it has a spot where the trooper can sit behind two control sticks.  On the inside of the AT-DP, in driver number one's position, there is a seat and a control stick.  In driver number two's position,  there is also a seat  and a control pad that controls the cannon.

This should be a set because you can have it as a display, play with it, or only use the speeder.  The possibilities are almost endless.  You can even build it as a boat.  Also, if you like Star Wars Rebels, you will probably like this set. It is very easy to access.  It has a detachable antenna.

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