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The Lego Puzzle Box


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                                              Welcome to the mystery of the Lego Puzzle Box

So guys the picture you see here is like a mystery box.There is a key to it find the key and you can win a prize u know!!After finding the key push it in the same place from where the key has come but in a different direction. Then magically a drawer appears with a prize in it.This lego box is very interesting and everyone in the world should try it at least once. It is meant for children to have fun with it. They can hide whatever they want in it without anyone finding out what is in it. Thus I built it. It can also be a great Lego set because Lego tells us that imagination never ends so if it's Christmas and someone does not have a gift to give then they can buy this. Children will find this very useful and is worth being a Lego set.

COME ON YOU CAN DO IT!!!