Product Idea

Sea-washed Lighthouse

'A sea-washed lighthouse is a tall structure designed and built, often several miles from land, to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses in order to mark navigational hazards such as a shoal, reef or submerged island and to serve as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea.
Most lighthouses are automated and electric nowadays, but back then lighthouse keepers were needed to trim the wicks, replenish fuel, wind clockworks and perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning lenses and windows. They were also responsible for the fog signal, the weather station and played a major role in search and rescue at sea'.

I've been always fascinated by these extreme structures and their keepers so I decided to design my very own LEGO Lighthouse set!

It consists of the Lighthouse: 32cm tall, it is designed in the most iconic shape and colours, red and white truncated cone, and it is built on a seaweed covered rock protruding from the sea bottom. There's a weather station at the base, the system of lamps and lenses with a service door and a spyglass at the top.

A dock: on the sheltered side of the rock, it ensures the assigned tugboat Poseidon with a safe access  to the lighthouse during goods deliveries and search and rescue operations.  

The Poseidon: a microscale tugboat complete with fenders/bumpers to push other boats/ships, a crane and winch.

Some custom bricks are included like the 2x1 tile on the lighthouse front with printed analogic weather station (barometer, hygrometer, termometer) and a custom 1x1 tile with stylized anchor, on both the building and the tugboat.

I hope you like my project which will make both a great display model for adult LEGO lovers of sea & historical architecture, and a fun play set for kids.