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LEGO City Department Store


Welcome to Lego Stores – the department store any Lego City is craving for.

When growing up with Lego I loved to use my imagination with the fire fighters, police men, using the trains and vehicles etc but there was never a department store for my figures to buy the day to day essentials. Sure there are pizza shops and bike shops, but what about going out for shopping, for items such as clothes, groceries, sports wear and after a tiring shopping trip having a snack in the department store café.  Well now you could with this fantastic potential Lego City set.

The department store would come with 3 shops, a café, lobby and balcony overlooking the statue and water feature.

There would be several mini figures ranging from store workers, car park attendants and shoppers plus many accessories included in the stores. Two small cars, a motorbike and a bicycle would accompany the set, which belong to the shoppers.

The set has the potential to extend, which Lego may wish to sell additional shops so that you can add to your set, the shops break apart by using Tech Pins.

Main Entrance

The Entrance to the store has revolving doors that are great for playing with. The lobby includes a statue as a feature of the store. The statue stands behind a water feature and has seats for the busy customers to rest. Also in the lobby there is a cash machine to enable the customers to withdraw their money.

Above the lobby there is a thoroughfare that gives the customers access to move through the top level from shop to shop. There is a seating area here also and the customers can look down and admire the lobby.

The shops comprise of:

- Café

- Grocery Store 

- Clothing and Accessory Store

- Sports Wear & Equipment 



The café has a drinks machine, a vending machine, counter, table and chairs and a selection of food products available for purchase. A time to relax after a busy shopping experience. The shop would include a chef and shopper mini figure.


Grocery Store:

The Grocery store sells fruit, veg, flowers and fish. All the things the customers need in Lego City to have a balanced diet. The set comes with the products, counter and mini figure along with the fixtures to display the produce.


The Clothing and Accessory Shop

A selection of clothing is on offer to the folks of Lego City, trousers, tops, hats, wigs and accessories such as bags, stereo’s and hairbrushes. The tops are on a carousel that rotates and the trousers are on a rail.  A shop assistant would be included.


Sports Shop:

A perfect place to purchase several sporting goods, from helmets, bikes, Scuba Diving Equipment, Surfboards, hats and balls. There would also be a shopper and shop assistant.


Accessibility Features

To enable better access to the shops when playing or even stop animation, the top shops lift off the bottom ones. Also, the roof of the lobby lifts up to enable access to the lobby entrance and revolving doors.


All in all, this set is aesthetically pleasing, enables lots of playability, contains lots of accessories, has easty access and has the potential to be extended. If you are as passionate as I am in having a department store as part of the Lego City range, please support this Lego Ideas entry.

Thank you

Keith Moran

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