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3 Days left...

Well its a shame it didn't go that far :) I actually believed that this project had so much potential...

Thanks to all of you 357 supporters of this piano of mine :) I mean it!

With 3 days left, it's time to start saying goodbye... :')


Everything is awesome!


#250 long gone

Next step #500 :) I'm thinking about remaking this one to take new photos and maybe add some famous pianists miniland figures to advertise the model. Can I count with you guys?!

Thanks for all the support and spread the word! :)


Everything is awesome!!


Staff Picked!!

Yey! :D

Maybe now I can get to #200?

Thanks once again for the Lego Ideas Staff for highlighting another project of mine :)
It means a lot!

Help me spread the word about this particular project. I really think it could work as a real LEGO set... :)


Close to #100!

23/9/14 #100!

Thanks for all the support!

It'll be a long road but I really believe this has all the potential to become a real LEGO set.
Counting with your help for that! Spread the word! :)