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LEGO City Bus


LEGO City-style Microbus

Every LEGO City needs a city style bus. This bus has all the features that one would need. There are windows on all four sides in case a minifigure needs to look outside or not. Secondly, there are also lights that allow the bus to see and back up. Thirdly, the wheels which are LEGO City standard size. Any one who looks at this model should be able to recognize what it is.

Play Features

As part of the LEGO City style, This model is very play-able. The roof comes off (on purpose) so that minifigures can go in and get out in style. Three of the bus windows can open and close because they are house windows, and this should be very useful in case any of the minifigures inside the bus wants to breathe. Finally, the bus can fit a relatively large amount of minifigures: four passengers plus the bus driver. There are a lot of features packed in to this small model. The bus can also drive in the rain.

Thanks for looking and spread the word! Remember not to brick off (This is the opposite of bricking on)!


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