Product Idea

Steven Universe Brick-Built Figures

"We are the Crystal Gems!" From the world of Steven Universe, it's brick-built figures beautifully capturing the iconic look of the characters from the show. Each figure is an average build of 217 bricks. The figures are highly articulated, and come with extra facial expressions and accessories. 

The figures included in this set are:

  • Steven with shield
  • Amethyst with whip and cat form
  • Pearl with spear and hologram projector
  • Garnet with gauntlets
  • Lapis Lazuli with her wings
  • Peridot with touchscreen, robonoids, and helicopter fingers
  • Jasper with crystalline helmet

If the project is popular enough then I will make Ruby and Sapphire in an update. Well until then, I hope you guys support and help this idea become a reality.