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Snowy Morning in the Countryside

Snowy morning in the countryside

This project is yet another collaboration with Max Brich (Profile here :
In the early spring, somewhere in the countryside, a special surprise awaits outside. It has been snowing all night, and the first sun rays of the day reveal a completely new landscape.
There is no time to lose! Kids rush outside in excitement. Time to go playing in the snow, skiing in the garden, while adults may shovel the alley, or simply enjoy the peacefulness of this beautiful morning.
If you grew up in the countryside, in a place where snow is not that common, such a scene will certainly bring back memories. In this set, we tried to capture this special atmosphere.
The set contains a bit less than 3000 parts, and 4 minifigures. It is an alternate - although significantly different - version of a previous project we presented on Lego Ideas: "Which House". We hope you will enjoy this one as much as its predecessor.
Thanks in advance for your support

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