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The Grand Slams


Want to become the best of the best?

Once a year since 1924, the greatest tennis players of the era, gather around in the four most important and prestigious annual tennis events, the tennis mayor tournaments, starting with Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and finalizing with the US Open, they demonstrate their skills and high performance in order to find if they are worth the maximum title among tennis single players.

This project set is based on the 4 actual trophies of the 4 most important tennis events in male singles category. These trophies function as shorter replicas and I think they would be a great product as they are the tennis mayor traditional tournaments since 1924; it’s the racket sport, viewed and supported by fans and followers all around the globe, from father to son, to tennis players of all ages, from adults to children. The project consists of 959 pieces, separated as following: 289 Australian Open Trophy, 250 Roland Garros Trophy, 194 Wimbledon Trophy, 226 US Open Trophy. The Australian Open and the Roland Garros Trophies come with a base, the Wimbledon and US Open Trophies have a tap to open.

The one who holds the four slams of the year, is not also called the reigning champion, but also the best of the best, achieving “The Grand Slam”. And you could be the next one.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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