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LEGO Black Speedster Fighter Jet


    Ever wanted to explore the galaxy at breathtaking speeds? Or command a fleet of strong, sleek and fast fighter jets into a battle for the entire universe? Now you can fulfill all of your intergalactic dreams with the black speedster, because it's heavily armored, equipped with plasma cannons, and ready for battle!

The Black Speedster is primarily black, with accents of dark green and transparent, light blue.


-3 Plasma cannons (mounted on ship)

-  Opening glass cockpit

- Large turbo thruster

- Sleek body with curved wings    


I built this and uploaded it to LEGO ideas because I felt the LEGO community just needed a cheap, fairly easy-to-build and good looking spaceship to take us back to our roots, it may not be themed like a classic space set, but when you get one in your hands, it sure plays like one.


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