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Escher-ish Nr. 1 - Day and Night

My LEGO version of Escher-ish art.

Inspired by M.C. Escher I have created this decorative MOC (My Own Creation), the challenge was to create and build a Escher-ish set with LEGO parts.

I have built one set with two sides, the two sides are called:
- Day and Night
- Round and Round

This MOC of decorative art is mainly buillt with the 4070 brick, 392 in total.

436 Parts used in total for the complete set.

LDD v. 4.3.6 (LEGO Digital Designer) Colours used:
- White,
- Earth Blue,
- Bright Blue,
- Sand Blue,
- Medium Blue,
- Pastel Blue,
- Bright Bluish Green,
- Sand Green,
- Dark Green,
- Bright Yellowish Green,
- Bright Yellow,
- Flame Yellowish Orange,
- Bright Orange,
- Brick Yellow,
- Grey,
- Dark Stone Grey,
- Dark Grey,
- Dark Brown,
- Reddish Brown,
- Bright Red,
- New Dark Red,
- Medium Stone Grey,
- Black.

Unfortunately the majority of parts are not *LEGO Pick-a-Brick able* *(Yet)*