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Portal 2 Test!

This is a test based on a series of portal games. I built this because this game has a lot of fans and it is quite possible that we will gain 10,000 supports. There are many different things and nothing superfluous, so I think the set will turn out great. I did this for three days. Please rate my work
This is probably all, and now I'll tell you the plot of portal 2 So we play as a woman named Chell, we woke up 50 years later and everything changed. This is about the 1990s. We run tests, arrange an escape, are betrayed by our friends, and in the end, enemies become our friends. set contents 1) space module 2) whitley 3) Chell 4) Portal cannon 4) test 6) cube 7) portals (blue and orange) look like that's it I'm a fan too bye and see you