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BB-8 and R2-D2


BB-8 fits nicely with Finn's buildable figure

Agreed !

As you can see, BB-8 fits nicely with the buildable figures like Finn.

Keep tuned, more will come.


R2-D2's reaction

The reaction of R2-D2 is a little bit too strong

The left arm of R2-D2 can be easily added (not only to push the head of BB-8).


BB-8 tickles R2-D2 ...

... and it seems working ;)

This shows how the arm of BB-8 can easily be added like the camera of R2-D2.


Thanks to all supporters

After 4 days on Ideas, this project appears into the "Popular this Week" list ;)

Thanks to all supporters.


Picture of the real model

A just made picture of the real model. Enjoy ;)

(click on the image for a full view)


The reason for this project

This project contains two models submitted previously on Ideas.

There are several reasons explaining why I decided to submit it. The main reason is related to the number of parts : BB-8 alone is a 250 parts project, the C-3PO and R2-D2 couple is a 1000 parts project and the 3 droids collection is a 1250 parts project. With 750 parts, this project is more into the standards of the Ideas projects.

Another reason is that, in the new movie, C-3PO has a minor role and a project focussed on the two astromechs has a better chance to get support. Moreover, its less accurate head lowers the popularity of this version.

This project proposes a nice representation of the famous beloved astromechs couple. It is also a nice building experience. BB-8 is a Lowell like sphere with not just another small (similarly build) half-sphere on top as head. It presents a very small amount of studs to render its smooth shape.  The body of R2-D2 is a very nice accurate smooth cylinder made with 10 configurable panels and its head is a nicely structured Lowell-like half sphere.


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