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BB-8 and R2-D2


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The project features the famous couple of droids of "The Force Awakens" movie.
These two droids are particularly essential because each of them owns a part of the map allowing to find Luke Skywalker.

The model displays the scene where BB-8 tries to interact with R2-D2 and to waking it up.

The droids are build at a mid-size scale which corresponds to an intermediate scale between the ultimate collector series and the minifigure one. The present scale allows to get detailled models not too large, not requiring too much parts (762 parts) and not too expensive to produce. They are presented on a nice stand and the whole model is a must have for all LEGO Star Wars collector.

Some more information :

BB-8 is build using 257 parts and is 12 cm high. The main body is a small Lowell sphere where round plates correspond to the orange, white and grey patterns. The small head propose a completely fifferent building experience and is build on a large round plate using several slopes and round plates with rounded bottom.

R2-D2 is build using 434 parts and is 16 cm high. It is a basic astromech droid having a relatively simple shape. The half-sphere head, rotating freely on top of the body, is build like a small Lowell sphere in order to get the most accurate possible shape. The cylindric body consists in ten panels displaying most of the details of the original droid.

May the force be with you to support this project and to share it with all your contact.

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