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Hover Strike


  The Hover Strike tops the charts at its release of the new Hover Strike 2.0 Vortex.  Receiving the highest ratings for its agility, the Hover Strike is a well-rounded aircraft designed by the Bricksparx  aircraft company.  The Vortex features:

  • two dual blasters of higher accuracy and more power than the former Hover Strike 1.0 Wasp
  • one powerful jet in the rear vs. the two small dual jets of the Wasp
  • two other jets, one under each wing
  • retractible landing gear

The Vortex can only fit smaller people. This lessens the Hover Strike's weight which increases its speed and agility.


The yellow and purple Hover Strike is the 1.0 Wasp and the blue and orange Hover Strike is the 2.0 Vortex .


  Thank you for checking out my idea.  I hope you like it.  Spread the word!

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