Product Idea

Triple Transforming Robo Jetcar

Outdoor Shots of Robo Jetcar


Bot Mode

Jet Mode

Car Mode

Hooray, 100 Votes Milestone Reached!!


Thank you to everyone who has voted!!!

I will be updating this space with more animation and photos, so please stay tuned! I would also appreciate if you could continue to help me share my submission link to anyone who might be interested in my creation so that they can vote to support it too. Thank you!!




I've designed some decals for Triple Transforming Robo Jetcar:



Please consider taking a moment to vote for it to become official LEGO products by clicking the “support” button. Share it with your friends too so they can consider supporting it if they like it, as I need all the support I can get. Thank you!!

Robo Jetcar VS Piranha Bot


Introducing Piranha Bot - another of my LEGO Ideas submission, who is also Robo Jetcar's nemesis! Like Robo Jetcar, Piranha Bot can also transform into 3 different modes. Here're are some images of them battling each other in various modes:

Please also consider supporting Triple Transforming Piranha Bot at this link if you like it:

Thank you!!