Product Idea

Triple Transforming Robo Jetcar

Triple Transforming Robo Jetcar is a brick bot that has the ability to transform into 3 alternate modes (Bot, Jet and Car) in a few simple steps with no parts-swapping or disassembly needed. It can also be piloted by its own minifig.

Here's an animation of it's transformation sequence:

I design it with playability in mind: it not only provides builders with fun in building the bricks but also in transforming it into various modes by simply moving its parts around. It is also designed to be highly articulated, so that builders can easily pose it in various poses and have fun playing it like an action figure. 

I also paid attention to the design of its silhoutte and facial features, so as to give an appealing personality to it. As I designed it to be an autonomous robot which is sentient, it should not feel like a mechanical robot devoided of personality.

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