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25th Century Mech - Sir Auric


25th Century Mech.

This concept is basically a LEGO specific creation (hopefully the first of many) combining micro scale robot/vehicle designs based in the fictional future of the universe of the 25th Century.

The figure is made up of simple to moderate construction techniques common to Creator builds and within the skills of most 10-12 year old builders.  The range could be marketed for boys and young adults into Mecha, Manga and Micro builds. 

Consists of 111 pieces mixing System and Technic parts.




In the year 2401 ad Mecha have become the dominant form of transport in the known galaxy. Using these mechanised exo-frames humans have explored and colonised almost 60% of the Milky way. But beyond the reach of Earth Security Forces, lawlessness and piracy are rife. Colonies have descended into anarchy and feudalism and the will of regional, self appointed, lords now hold sway over the civilian populations.

Into this new era walks a group of heroes who seek to recapture the glory of humanity and uphold the noblest of ideals. They call themselves the NeonKnights and they bring freedom and hope where ever they appear.


Name: Auric

Role: Close quarter combat specialist
Quote: "We break heads for justice, we smash skulls for freedom, but never for revenge."
Description: Auric (sometimes referred to as Sir Auric of New Cornwall) was born on the British colony of New Cornwall, established in the mid 24th Century.

Auric is fun loving and somewhat overzealous in his dispensing of justice. He is noted for his incredible patience. Yet when he gets into battle he swings his war hammer with the gusto of a Norse God.

Powers: In addition to augmenting his strength by several hundred magnitudes, the armour can channel 10 megawatts of power into his hammer and shield, exploding on impact and rendering other Mecha units off line in the process.

Weakness: His moral objections to vengeance often leave him isolated from his more reactionary comrades.


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