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Old Windmill Island Tavern ( LEGO® Powered Up Application + Motorized )


Old Windmill Island Tavern it is a fish tavern located in the exotic Evia in Greece. 
Mr Antonis is the owner and chef always chirpy and happy offering the best sea delicacies to all travellers of the world, a lot of music, ouzo backgammon (tavli)and OPA! 
Carefree vacations and beautiful memories in this small Old Windmill fish tavern in which if you built it you will gain something from the magic of the place.

The set is divided into 5 sections:
A. The interior of the tavern, where we find the kitchen with its equipment. There is also a hub where we can press the button to activate the windmill. On the opposite side, we see Antonis' cousin who is always ready for a round of tavli (backgammon)!
B. The outer courtyard for tourists, with the first tables of the tavern.
C. The grand staircase that leads to the beautiful balcony, while below it is the storeroom for the tavern's wines and supplies.
D. The beautiful scenic balcony which is the courtyard of the windmill, with the beautiful vineyard whose grapes make the wine of the taverns.
E. The windmill (which inside hides the motor) where the bread flour is being produced for the tavern.


The whole idea of the mechanism is to be able with the official free LEGO® Powered Up application on the mobile phone (example) and with motor (21980) + Hub (88009) tool sets.
Now you are able to control the rotation speed of the “wind” for the windmill.   


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