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This is one of the many steampunk builds that I have built. Of these, this one is by far the most impressive. This is BOILER, a mech I built of many that fight in a battle arena. Each of these mechs was given a rating based on their firepower, strength, and shield among a few others. I would like to see this set become the lead in either a new LEGO mech line or a steampunk line. I build these mechs to be played with and posed and they are very strong when put through abuse. I also build using all legal techniques and have put this build into the LLD system. Guns are a bit of an issue with Lego as all know so that can be easily replaced if necessary.

BOILER is a tough and strong mech that doesn't mess around. Even though it runs on steam Boiler is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with incredible strength and a powerful gatlin gun, Boiler tends to be the kind that shoots first and asks questions later. He is both a powerful ally and a feared enemy. Its pilot Ben Gauge is well respected and friendly and is known to assist other combatants when they need help both in the arena and in the maintenance hangar.

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