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Duolingo is a free language app, where you can learn to read, write and understand different languages yourself. Duolingo is one of the best language apps in the world. You can learn more than 70 different languages including French, English, Spanish, Hindi, and many more.
Duolingo the owl is your digital friend who will learn new languages with you.

The project includes Duolingo the mascot itself and some accessories for Duolingo.
  • An open folded book
  • Pile of books
  • Smartphone
  • Travel case
  • Treasure chest with Gems/Lingots
  • More than 20 kinds of flags

On the smartphone, you can see what the language app looks like.

You can fold the suitcase open, and in your suitcase you can store your extra flags when you travel.

In the unfolded book, you can find two flags. Under each of the two flags you can read a sentence (Hello my name is…) translated into the language indicated by the flag. You can replace the flags and the accompanying text to whatever kind of language you want.

You can open the lid of the treasure chest. In the treasure chest you can find 3 Gems and 3 Lingots.
In the Duolingo app you can earn Gems/Lingots by, for example, achieving one of your daily goals.
Gems are the virtual currency for all iOS and Android mobile users.
Web users will see Lingots, also a virtual currency. 
With Gems/Lingots you can buy things in the app store like.
  • With (Double or Nothing) you can double your wagered five Gems/Lingots if you make at least 1 lesson every day for 7 days in a row.
  • With (Sequence Freeze) you can freeze a day if, for example, you don't have time to make a lesson.

Functions of Duolingo
Duolingo has wings that you can individually move up and down with your hands.
It is also possible to switch Duolingo's legs with a pair of legs so that he can sit.
On the back of Duolingo there are a number of studs that you can attach something to.

Why do I want it to be a lego set
Why I would like my project to become an official LEGO Ideas set is because I hope that I will stimulate more people to learn and understand a new language by combining playing with LEGO and learning a lanquage.

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