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3 in 1 Metallica Stage


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The lords of thrash metal have come to Lego! This stage based on the legendary band Metallica, is made of 515 (including minifigures and props) pieces and is 13 1/4 in. long, 8 5/8 in. wide, and 7 1/2 in. tall. The set includes 16 minifigures: 13 of them are band members from different generations (above) and the other 3 being Metallica fans. The 3 in 1 feature allows builders to customize the stage. The screens on the sides are detachable, and can attach to a spot behind the drum set. The triangular shape (above) can be attached the same way the screens attach. The weird shape is supposed to be their famous "M" but in LDD you can't turn pieces, but it is also attachable. Props that come with the set (above) are 2 guitars, 1 bass, and 2 drumsticks. And that's what's in the set! If you'd like to see this on shelves, then please support! Thank you, and rock on!

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