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Ancient Outpost


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The ancient outpost

This is my second project which is about Stephen and Henry, who are discovering the borders of the realm they are living in. This project is about a small outpost, located near a river. It simply consists of a small house and an even smaller place to store supplies, surrounded by a high, round wall. At the entrence, it has got a parapet so soldiers who are standing there will be protected from arrows.

There is a tiny watchtower, too, which has been incorporated in the wall. The major improvement from The watchtower is that there are now ladders which leads up to it, which makes it easy and safe for minifigs to get up there without getting hurted (:

The house has got place for some minifigures, and can be easily removed for playing inside of the outpost. When you remove the house, you´ll get acces to the main play function in the set; when you pull an axle, a part of the wall will fly up in the air like it explodes, revealing a hidden bag.

Why should this become a "real" set?

Well, there hasn´t been a "classic" castle theme for over three years, so this will make a good addition to your old Castle/Kingdoms collection. The small outpost is very detailed and is not fragile at all, so it makes a good display piece as well as a playset. At first glance it may not look like something special, but a lot of detailing and accesoaries are hidden inside of it. For example two barrels for storing weapons or food, the supplie house where a minifigure can "sleep" or where you can store the barrels, etc.

It is made up mostly of cheap and "basic" bricks, so even if the piece count is around 700 the set would become quite cheap, probably it would be priced at 49 GBP/ 59 USD/ 59 EU/ 599 SEK.

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Best regards, RedRobin999