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The Library


The Library


This Library was opened in the mid-1900 when a wealthy couple donated their home to the city.

Park your bike in the bike rack up front to the left and come on in. Inside you will find everything a bookworm desires! Come in and take a look:


On the ground floor you will find the always busy, but always helpful librarian sitting at her desk. She will guide you to every single book in the library and you will need that, as the big bookcase can seem confusing. But with her help and the (moveable) ladder, you will get what you need.

(note: there are supposed to be books in the shelves of course, but I didn’t know how to place loose pieces with the LDD)

Once you found the book you want you can either check it out, or take it upstairs to the reading room.

You ascend the beautiful old stairs, which have been recently renovated. They are certainly an example that stairs can do more than just connect two floors. While walking up the spiraling stairs you can enjoy the look out the stained glass windows. Especially in the evening when the sun sets behind the library the light coming through the windows gives the reading room a cozy glow. Up here you will find plenty of space to sit and read.

In case you have to do some serious studying (yes, that is what libraries can also be used for) you can just walk up another staircase. This will get you the modernized third floor. Here you have two desks, as well as a four-computer-terminal which can be used to search online resources. Of course you can also print the files (up to 25 pages are free the rest can be purchased from the librarian).

Sometimes it can however happen that you need more, older, information. That can be found neither in the web, nor in the big bookcase. But don’t worry. There is always the basement!

In the three shelves you can find old maps and documents, as well as tape recordings. The recordings can be listened to from one of the two audio-stations and the documents can be examined at the table.

The shelves are, as you can see, moveable so they don’t take up too much space.

I hope you enjoyed your tour through the library!

All questions and comments are very welcome! I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions!

Have a great day!


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