Product Idea |

Tic Tac Toe

The Inspiration
When I was going through my LEGO collection, I found a piece that looked unfamiliar. A 2×2 round tile with an X in the bottom. And I thought to myself, "Hey, wasn't there supposed to be a O in the bottom?" Then I remembered there was one with an X and one with a O in the bottom. And this got me thinking that this discovery would be nice to use in a tic-tac-toe model made in LEGO. I got working on Studio 2.0 and started making this.

The Model
There isn't much about the model. I tried to use easy pieces so that kids could build it easily too. I also made a nice tic-tac-toe sign on the lid of the model. There is also a little storage for the 10 blue and red pieces. On the board, I made a frame so that the pieces wouldn't accidentally fall out of position. And finally, the lid is easy to put, and take off the board.

If it were a LEGO set
This would make a LEGO set for two main reasons: it would be easy for kids to build and play with it, and it would make a great addition for LEGO collectors. This was carefully built so that kids could build it very easily. And it also comes with an advantage that this will be played with a lot since this is a game. For adults, this could be a great display model, or great decoration.