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Small Gondola Tall


This is a small stock car I built for my layout a while back and it came out very well and I have made no changes to it for a very long time.

It was inspired by the gondola cars seen in the Thomas the Tank Engine show, thus it has a more European feel. It was built using all legal building techniques but is still a little flimsy in some areas along the sides. The gondola has lots of room inside with plenty of exposed studs and is ready to accommodate any kind of load. The wheel base is close together so there is very little to no friction going around turns. the underside is also detailed but is very strong.

What I would like to see is this become one of many new stock cars that can be bought, much like the Build Your Own Train theme that was done back in 2001-02. At that time I was too young to really appreciate the theme and would love to restart the idea. This is one of the cars that people could buy in bulk to improve their growing railyard.

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