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Ben's Takeaway


Welcome to Ben's Take Away!


It has 5 Minifigures!


2 Chef's,  A Counter Girl, And a Mechanic Costumer



No printing on the back



Let's take a look at the main part of the set!



As you can see it's got a big sign on the roof, and it has Tr. Blue windows in the front



It's also got 2 tables inside for people to quickly eat inside



The whole roof can come off so you can have a better view of the inside!




Lets take a look at the inside with a little more detail



This is where the girl takes the orders for the Chef to cook, and it also has a small Cash register and a Telephone



Lets take a look at the Kitchen



Starting from the right there's the main Kitchen with an oven and an induction cooker! with white table top to chop food on!



And on the left there's a sink and a couple of drawers to put knives and forks in! and it also has some Coffee cups on top of the drawers, it also has a fridge/freezer...



...that opens up! and has some bits & bobs in it



And last but not least, you might of wondered why it has some black technic pins on the side... Well this is because this will be to attach other buildings to it! So i will be making a couple of shops to attach to this one! 



Please Support!


Thank You!

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